Deirdre Sullivan

Full Stack Developer

About Me

Hello! My name is Deirdre Sullivan and I specialize in web developement that utilizes React, Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Node.js. I am a highly motivated individual and eternal optimist dedicated to writing clear, concise, robust code that works. Striving to never stop learning and improving. When I'm not coding, I am running, reading, or picking up some new hands-on art project like making lampshades or film photography. I like to have my perspective and belief systems challenged so that I see the world through new eyes.

Deirdre Sullivan


Project One Image

Javascript x Rails API Trivia Game

Trivia app that tests user's "Arrested Development" knowledge.

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Project Two Image

React x Rails Meal Tracker

Allows users with health conditions to track risky ingredients that they should not consume.

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Project Three Image

Ruby x Rails Book Club

Ruby on Rails API that allows users to share and give feedback on their favorite reads with other bookclub members.

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